Welcome to my dream of fruits



Everything about the pawpaw – Asimina triloba.


Tropical-tasting fruits in the orchards of Mid-Europe become a reality with this winter-hardy tree.


If several pawpaws are being fed at the family table, they can only agree on one thing, they are delicious!


For example: a custardy mix of mango and banana, mango, melon, passion fruit, vanilla; and with black skin (very ripe fruits) : English cream, caramel cream. 


The reason that the fruit cannot be marketed commercially , like bananas , is because of its perishability and fragility. It needs to be harvested when it is nearly ripe for flavor and cannot be shipped far.


Tropical fruit flavors that you only get from your own garden.


The fruits should be eaten fresh or can be frozen to be eaten later, with some loss of flavor .



Florians Pawpawschule!