Pictures sent by Neal Peterson, Breeder Peterson Pawpaws

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Pictures by me - Florian Haller

Rumänien, Babiciu, Oltenia

Pictures by Gerhard Jell (email:

Sunflower, Overleese, Davis und Prima 1216, planted 2014.

First fruit in 2018

300 fruits in 2019



Pictures by Chris Rice, 2010-2017
Missisippi River Valley in Iowa and Illinois, USA.

USDA Zone 5b (=Annual winter temps are as low as -23,3°C to -26,1°C )



Pictures by Clifton Ellis, 2016-2017

Michigan, in the north of the USA.

All shown trees survived winter at -26 ° Celsius.



Pictures by Dave Alsgaard, 2017

Michigan, USA

First fruits of wild pawpaws, then the cultivar variety "Mango"


Pictures by North American Pawpaw Growers Association (NAPGA), 2016 and 2017
Ohio, USA


Pictures by Heather D. Little, 2017
New York, USA
And Pawpaw Festival in Ohio



Pictures by Jerry Dedon, August and September 2017

Louisiana, USA

The harvest of the fruits starts in July


One of my sideprojects: Hickory, black nut, heart nut, pecan

Ziziphus jujuba


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