Pawpaw - In Search of America's Forgotten Fruit - by Andrew Moore

The Book about Pawpaw and her story.

264 pages, Softcover

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Pawpaw seeds, sold out, available again in autumn



For all hobby gardeners who like to experiment!


Many of the Named Cultivars have been found in only a dozen or so seedlings from among hundreds tested.



The large-scale breeding has just begun!



The genes of all offered seeds are good, but the seedlings are not identical to the mother trees! They are genetic offspring, similar to parents but not clones .



In North America , Pawpaws grow in climate zone 5-9 . Step by step, gardeners enlarge the distribution area in the north and south by selections from seedlings.



It usually takes 6-8 years for a seed to become a fruiting tree. Therefore, I recommend growers to buy grafted trees (2 different cultivars for improved pollination) because they will bear fruit in 3-4 years normally.


Growing Pawpaw from seeds is also the best way to get healthy rootstocks for the refinement of well-known cultivar varieties.


Pawpaw seeds, Prima 1216

Asimina triloba - pawpaw - seeds from Prima 1216 fruits, pollinated by other cultivar

From Italy. Prima is the only reliable yet self-fertile pawpaw variety.

Found by Domenico Montanari, a selection of 2000 seeds (from Corwin Davis of the USA) gave the variety Prima with the number 1216.

With sowing instructions!


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5 Seeds Overlease SAC

Asimina triloba seeds from Overleese fruits, pollinated by other cultivars.

In 1950 Overleese was found in the wild near Indianapolis, IN, by W.B. Ward and is still the favorite of many today!
Mother of Peterson's Shenandoah.


From climate zone 6.

With sowing instructions!


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Plants - Seedlings

Pawpaw seedlings

 Various sizes below to choose from the following genetics:

Susquehanna Shenandoah Mango -> Mix 1




Prima 1216


The plants in the first 5 photos are examples of the plants we offer. The plants we sell are of a comparable age, you offer not on the plants of the photo, but on comparable plants of the same age.


Plant profile / info


A thorough planting guide for beginners is included.


All seedlings come from gardens in which only several cultivars are planted. Except for the Prima 1216 seedlings, which are 100% self-pollinated.

Special note for beginners: Seedlings are not grafted plants!

All heights measured with 18cm high pot (Air-pruning on bottom)

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10 pawpaw seedlings, mixture

A mixture of seed sources from named cultivars!

In the usual air-pruning pot.


The perfect mix for a new pawpaw patch!


With paper label identifying the seedling’s genetics.


Size M in 0,7l pot has about 20cm long stems

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Reserving grafted pawpaws on request, Peterson Pawpaws® coming in autumn 2019:









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Prima 1216





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Cultivation Accessories:

Sphagnum moss unmilled

Sphagnum moss unmilled

Dry sphagnum moss in one piece in premium quality.


Available in 100g and 500g


Perfect for controlled sowing of seeds with a long germination period.


Suitable as a seedbed or aggregate for potting soil.


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