Book: For the Love of Paw Paws by Michael Judd

How to cultivate, harvest, and utilize North America’s largest native fruit

It is hard to eat more than one pawpaw at a go. The creamy rich pulp with tropical flavors ranging from mango and pineapple to banana combine like a satisfying dessert.

The pawpaw, a close relative of the tropical custard apple, grows throughout much of North America yet culturally and horticulturally we know very little about it.

This mini manual by edible landscape author Michael Judd jumps right into growing, caring for, harvesting, and using pawpaws – from seed to table. Judd demystifies fruit growing in direct, easy to follow steps that quickly brings confidence to the newbie grower while expanding the horizons of curious gardeners.

Historically most people have only experienced foraged pawpaw fruit, which can be a hit or miss game for a good experience. That is quickly changing as selected and bred cultivars are being grown and shared.  Judd’s pawpaw manual gets you started right away with the best selections and approaches.

Filled with straightforward how-to, colorful pictures and illustrations For the Love of Pawpaws brings to life easy and successful ways to enjoy the best pawpaws have to offer.

Chapters include:

  • Where Can I Grow Pawpaws?
  • Buying a Good Pawpaw Tree
  • Growing Pawpaws from Seed & Grafting
  • Landscaping Ideas
  • Ecological Tree Care
  • Harvest: Fruit Handling & Processing
  • What to Do with All this Fruit! Recipes
  • Pawpaws & Permaculture

Discover the many reasons pawpaws are edible landscape and culinary all-stars!

For the Love of Pawpaws will take you on an adventure that culminates in one of life’s most rewarding experiences. A delicious opportunity to enjoy organic gardening and gourmet food at it best.


140 pages


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Book: Pawpaw - In Search of America's Forgotten Fruit - by Andrew Moore

The largest edible fruit native to the United States tastes like a cross between a banana and a mango. It grows wild in twenty-six states, gracing Eastern forests each fall with sweet-smelling, tropical-flavored abundance. Historically, it fed and sustained Native Americans and European explorers, presidents, and enslaved African Americans, inspiring folk songs, poetry, and scores of place names from Georgia to Illinois. Its trees are an organic grower’s dream, requiring no pesticides or herbicides to thrive, and containing compounds that are among the most potent anticancer agents yet discovered.

So why have so few people heard of the pawpaw, much less tasted one?

In Pawpaw - —a 2016 James Beard Foundation Award nominee in the Writing & Literature category— - author Andrew Moore explores the past, present, and future of this unique fruit, traveling from the Ozarks to Monticello; canoeing the lower Mississippi in search of wild fruit; drinking pawpaw beer in Durham, North Carolina; tracking down lost cultivars in Appalachian hollers; and helping out during harvest season in a Maryland orchard. Along the way, he gathers pawpaw lore and knowledge not only from the plant breeders and horticulturists working to bring pawpaws into the mainstream (including Neal Peterson, known in pawpaw circles as the fruit’s own “Johnny Pawpawseed”), but also regular folks who remember eating them in the woods as kids, but haven’t had one in over fifty years.

As much as Pawpaw is a compendium of pawpaw knowledge, it also plumbs deeper questions about American foodways—how economic, biologic, and cultural forces combine, leading us to eat what we eat, and sometimes to ignore the incredible, delicious food growing all around us. If you haven’t yet eaten a pawpaw, this book won’t let you rest until you do.


264 pages, Softcover


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Pawpaw seeds are ready stratified in February 2020!



For all hobby gardeners who like to experiment!


Many of the Named Cultivars have been found in only a dozen or so seedlings from among hundreds tested.



The large-scale breeding has just begun!



The genes of all offered seeds are good, but the seedlings are not identical to the mother trees! They are genetic offspring, similar to parents but not clones .



In North America , Pawpaws grow in climate zone 5-9 . Step by step, gardeners enlarge the distribution area in the north and south by selections from seedlings.



It usually takes 6-8 years for a seed to become a fruiting tree. Therefore, I recommend growers to buy grafted trees (2 different cultivars for improved pollination) because they will bear fruit in 3-4 years normally.


Growing Pawpaw from seeds is also the best way to get healthy rootstocks for the refinement of well-known cultivar varieties.


Pawpaw seeds, for breeding (growing from seed)

Asimina triloba - pawpaw - seeds from tasty cultivars with few seeds and big fruit

Prima, Overleese, Sunflower
(Prima 1216 is the only reliable yet self-fertile pawpaw variety.
Found by Domenico Montanari, a selection of 2000 seeds (from Corwin Davis of the USA) gave the variety Prima with the number 1216.)


From climate zone 6.
With sowing instructions!


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Pawpaw grafted

Sold out right now



Shipping in Autumn 2021:

Reserving grafted pawpaws on request, Peterson Pawpaws® :









Visit the breeders homepage for more Info


Cultivars of the Kentucky State University:





Other Cultivars:

Prima 1216



Lehmans 166-20: A Davis X Prolific - Produces small to average size fruits however very sweet and a pleasingly yellow skin making it easier to determine if nearly ripe.




Inquiries by e-mail to:


Note for beginners:

You need 2 different cultivars for crosspollination (Both will have fruits)

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Plants - Seedlings

Seedlings Pawpaw

Sold out! I accept pre oders for 2020.



The plants in the first 5 photos are examples of the plants we offer. The plants we sell are of a comparable age, you offer not on the plants of the photo, but on comparable plants of the same age.


Plant profile / info


A thorough planting guide for beginners is included.


All seedlings come from gardens in which only several cultivars are planted.

Special note for beginners: Seedlings are not grafted plants!

All heights measured with 18cm high pot (Air-pruning on bottom)

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seedlings pawpaw, 10 pieces, mixture

A mixture of seed sources from named cultivars!

10 Plants in the usual air-pruning pot.


The perfect mix for a new pawpaw patch!


With paper label identifying the seedling’s genetics.


Size M in 0,7l pot has about 20cm long stems

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Figs: Wild fig from Pakistan (Ficus palmata ssp. Virgata), 3 liters, airpruned, 100 cm

A rare wild fig from Pakistan, which differs significantly from our fruit varieties. To grow in the home to altitudes of over 2000 meters. The fruits are dark and about cherry size. Is described as very frost hardy and robust. The shoots are rather thin and wiry. Since 2019 I have planted the first plants in ground for testing.

Height from the ground 100 cm

This article is part of the plastic reduced shipping, delivery without the airpruning pot.


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Figs: Wild fig from Pakistan (Ficus palmata ssp. Virgata) 150-200 cm

A rare wild fig from Pakistan, description see above

Height from the ground 150-200 cm

Available only for pick up

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Figs: Browicz (Ficus palmata subsp. Browicz), 3 liters, Airpruning, 100 cm

A very rare wild fig from Pakistan that came to Europe via Russia. To be found in her home country up to 2500 meters above sea level. Dark cherry-sized fruits that produce germinable seeds. Fruit with me in the tub very reliable. Is considered very frost hardy. The variety is selfpollinating, yet the seeds are germinable.

Height from the ground 100 cm
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Figs: Browicz (Ficus palmata subsp. Browicz), 150-200 cm

Browiczfig description see above

Height from the ground 150-200 cm
Available only for pick up


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Kaki Hybrids grafted

Diospyros kaki x  Diospyros virginiana


Combines the big fruits of D. kaki with the cold hardyness of D. virginiana.


Nikitskaja Bordovaja:

The well known Hybrid from Nikita Botanical Garden, bred by O.N. The taste is very good.

Coldhardy: -23 ° C , Fruit 80-120g

Seedless, grows fruit without pollination


Available in Autumn 2020. Reservations possible.

Potted (Rootstock D. virginiana 60 chromosom, 5 liter pot) or bareroot (Rootstock D. lotus).


May have a few trees from other cultivars:

Barbara's Blush

Roman Kosh



Lehman's Delight




SAA Pieper



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Cultivation Accessories:

Z: Sphagnum moss unmilled

Sphagnum moss unmilled

Dry sphagnum moss in one piece in premium quality.


Available in 100g and 500g


Perfect for controlled sowing of seeds with a long germination period.


Suitable as a seedbed or aggregate for potting soil.


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My products of the future:




- fruit figs


- hardy kaki hybrids