02. January 2018


Many are content with too low pots for their pawpaws


Why not normal pots? Air-pruning and Deeppots What is that? .... The right pot choice for pawpaws!



The right pots, a little excursion into the world of planters


Traditional plastic pots are far from the best for our plant children.


The first problem is the lack of ventilation from the side and also from the bottom, if something is poured too much (which many fear, the plants would dry up - but do not worry, they only let the leaves hang).


Therefore, for example, there are plant bags that are permeable to air around. This leads through the incoming air to a stronger branching of fine roots, because they are gently cut and stimulated by the air "Air-pruning". These pockets can e.g. sewn from durable mulch film itself. There are videos on YouTube.


In contrast, the usual round plastic or clay pot, where after some time by the circle growth an impenetrable root layer is formed (the pot effect), not well suited. Because if such a plant is planted in the open soil, the roots can not penetrate properly because they have formed a dense felt. So such plants grow worse. In the case of summer flowers, which in the fall, when the plant is dead, are pulled out with roots from the bed, the pot shape is still recognizable.


For pawpaw trees, however, long thin plant bags are somehow too difficult to handle for the producer. So the search continued.


Then there are airpots that are more stable.


But they are not exactly cheap and not available in a special measure.


The airpot raw material can be bought too.


Make fakepots yourself:


Formulary: U = 2 • π • r


Simply calculate the desired measurements, cut the nap tape, punch it, roll it up and tie it together with flower wire at the seam.


When your pawpaw is big enough, you can simply put it in its plant hole and gently open the fakepot and peel it off from the inside.


Instead of - as usual - she first head over and .... (:



You can also simply cut a 6-8cm diameter drainage tube into 45cm long pieces as the first pot.


There are pots for growing palm seeds, these are at least about 20cm high and have the air pruning function (aerial root pruning) at the bottom. These deep palm pots are recommended if you want to buy your pots cheaply.




Why the whole elevation?


Pawpaws are passionate deep-rooters, with a strong tap root.


Normal small pots, if handled improperly, can cause the root tip to decay.



The rule in normal small pots:


Example of Airpruned 1 year old pawpaw seedlings grown communally


In the US there are the Treepots and "DeepPots" shown here, narrow and very high.


Unfortunately, I am currently not aware of any German manufacturer or importer.


I know that commercial growers simply use P9 pots(9x9x9cm), until seedlings are 2 years old.





Who orders seeds can also do a direct sowing at the destination of the tree.




More in the e-book.











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